Wednesday, 6 July 2022

In The Room That Renders Me Unintelligent

Lonely Guest is not a Tricky album, rather a collaborative project born, like so many, out of the global lockdown that channeled artists' creative energies in new directions. It's easy to draw comparisons with Tricky's Nearly God album from nearly 30 years ago, but this is no nostalgic look back. 
The eponymous album features Maxïmo Park’s Paul Smith, Rina Mushonga and Nanna Øland Fabricius aka Oh Land. A standout is Pre War Tension, featuring Marta Zlakowska and IDLES' Joe Talbot. It's one of three Lonely Guest tracks that have been remixed and released on a digital EP this week.
Not (yet) remixed, but another cracking song on the album is Atmosphere, this time featuring Marta Zlakowska and Tricky with the late, great Lee 'Scratch' Perry.

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