Friday, 19 August 2022

Easier Than A Comedown

For your weekend delectation, an hour long mix of favourite tunes from the last couple of years, with a few samples and stems thrown in to spice things/mask some dodgy segue-ways (delete as applicable).

Persevere and you will get some wonderful tunes courtesy of Róisín Murphy and The Orielles, an unexpected appearance from Annie Hogan with Kid Congo Powers, a rather good cover version/remix of Groove Armada's Superstylin' and living legends David Holmes, A Certain Ratio and Humanoid. I've also dusted off a song by Iklan featuring Law Holt. If the band name isn't familiar, you will undoubtedly have heard of them in their previous incarnation, when they had a rather big hit with this song.
I just went with the flow, so the mix is all over the place BPM-wise and I'm not sure if you're supposed to dance, relax or just arch your eyebrows at various points throughout. If it makes you smile, shimmy, sigh (happily not dejectedly) or, even better, all three then my job is done. You can see why I don't do this for living, can't you?!
1) Look For What's Looking: Alex Donofrio (2021)
2) Maneki Neko (Watch Sample): Miss Kittin (2013)
3) Into The Madness: Mundo D (2022)
4) sT8818r (Yage Remix By Brian Dougans & Garry Cobain): Humanoid (2022)
5) "...a ghost": Lord Of The Flies OST (1963)
6) Kingdom Of Ends (Album Version By Crooked Man aka Richard Barratt): Róisín Murphy (2020)
7) Stelele (Sakdat & Balaur Remix - Dub): Unu' Marika (2021)
8) No Use: Iklan ft. Law Holt (2020)
9) Superstylin' (Rob Smith aka RSD - Remix) (Cover of Groove Armada): Rude Boy ft. Kardi Tivali (2021)
10) "'re nicked": John Thaw (The Sweeney OST) (1975)
11) It's Over, If We Run Out Of Love (Working Mens Club Remix): David Holmes ft. Raven Violet (2022)
12) Get A Grip (Maps Remix By James Chapman): A Certain Ratio ft. Maria Uzor (2021)
13) Yuka (Ranga Remix By Coen Helfenrath & Ted De Jong): Flamingods (2017)
14) My Career (Mekon Remix By John Gosling): A.M Hogan ft. Kid Congo Powers (2021)
15) Prince Introducing "Purple Rain": Prince (1984)
16) Sjaj (Dan Wainwright Remix): DJ Magija (2020)
17) Dancing Flame '21: Faint Waves (2021)
18) Bobbi's Second World (Confidence Man Remix): The Orielles (2020)
19) Looking (VC Man Swell Stem): Tosca (2013)
20) Deeper Space: Pye Corner Audio (2020)


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