Tuesday 21 May 2024

It's Time To Let It Go

Trentemøller returned with a new single and video at the weekend, the opening track of his forthcoming seventh album, Dreamweaver, out on Friday 13th September.

A Different Light off with acoustic chords, then voice, bass and synths, building up the tension before a brief pause/relief at 1:48 and ramping it up a notch and doing it all again. A second pause at 3:02 before the final lengthiest section, taking it up another level, building to the conclusion at 5:47. The following song on the album is called Nightfall but...you can't hear it just yet.

Dreamweaver also marks the first full-length collaboration with Icelandic singer/songwriter DíSA aka Dísa Jakobs aka Bryndís Jakobsdóttir. Anders Trentemøller first worked in the studio with Disa on the standalone single Into The Silence, released in late 2022.
Prior to that, Disa had joined Trentemøller as the singer with his live band, touring previous album (and one of my favourites of 2022), Memoria. Whilst I didn't get to see that, fortunately the band performed a live set on ARTE Concert's Echoes, presented by Jehnny Beth last July. 

The set comprises eight of Memoria's fourteen songs, one from 2019 album Obverse and closing with a cover version of fellow Danes The Raveonettes. A coincidence, yet somehow fitting that the last ARTE Concert/Echoes performance I posted here, last month, was by Slowdive as there's a real connection in the sonic landscapes that the two create. Great stuff.
0:35 Veil Of White 6:31 No More Kissing In The Rain
10:43 Anders Chats With Jehnny #1
12:02 Darklands 17:18 Glow
24:26 Anders Chats With Jehnny #2
25:40 In The Gloaming 30:52 When The Sun Explodes 36:55 Dead Or Alive
41:00 Anders Chats With Jehnny #3
42:07 Like A Daydream 47:32 One Last Kiss To Remember
51:13 Anders Chats With Jehnny #4
52:25 Cops On Our Tail (Cover of The Raveonettes)

Trentemøller and band hit the road again in August, with an extensive European tour to promote Dreamweaver. Just the one UK date - EartH, London, 22nd November - but it promises to be something special.
All of the above music is available via Bandcamp and the usual outlets.


  1. Glad you can help keep attention on all these great new releases. I like way too many artists to stay on top of their current releases, and am very happy that you bring the best ones to my attention. Thank you!

    1. Thanks, Mooz, it's a blessing - and curse - of being on so many mailing lists...

      I lost track of Trentemøller for many years and hadn't really twigged that he was making all of this shoegaze-inspired music until the Memoria album and singles in 2022. I'm glad I caught up!