Monday 27 May 2024

East End Rise

The first and last time I posted a Renegade Soundwave selection was in November 2022, so it's well past time for a return to The Big Smoke for some sleazy beats and frayed rhymes.

Where to start? Both albums and their dub companions are essential purchases in my mind and the singles offer up a plethora of remixes, usually by RSW themseleves, that are all worth checking out.

So, here's another brief (under 45 minute) selection that dips in and out of all of them. You may need a shower after to wash the grime of the city off.
1) Space Gladiator (Vocal Remix) (1989)
2) Manphibian (1990)
3) On TV (Album Version) (1989)
4) Cocaine Sex (Bonus Porno Beats) (1987)
5) Probably A Robbery (7") (1990)
6) Positive I.D. (Radio Mix) (1995)
7) Thunder (Album Version) (1990)
8) The Man Who Wouldn't Let Wax Wane (Album Version) (1995)
9) Kray Twins (12" Version) (1987)
10) Brixton (Album Version) (1995)
11) Women Respond To Bass (Women Respond To The Terror Drums ft. Pascale Fuillée-Kendall) (1992)
1987: Cocaine Sex EP: 4 
1987: Kray Twins EP: 9
1989: Soundclash: 3
1989: Space Gladiator/The Phantom EP: 1 
1990: Probably A Robbery EP: 5 
1990: RSW In Dub: 7
1990: Thunder II EP: 2
1992: Women Respond To Bass EP: 11
1995: Howyoudoin?: 10
1995: Positive I.D. EP: 6
1995: The Next Chapter Of Dub: 8

East End Rise (43:47) (KF) (Mega)

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