Tuesday 29 November 2022

I'm Checking Out Her Rhythms

Time for some Renegade Soundwave, their first selection and only fifth appearance on this blog in total (six if you count their remix of Pop Will Eat Itself).

This selection draws from various singles and album tracks from 1987 to 1995, most of the remixes by RSW themselves. Inevitably, there's an epic remix by Andrew Weatherall, Jagz Kooner and Gary Burns aka the mighty Sabres Of Paradise.

1) Renegade Soundwave (Basstube Shakin') (Remix By Renegade Soundwave & Mark 'Spike' Stent) (1994)
2) Last Freedom Fighter (Album Version By Renegade Soundwave, Steve Osborne & Ben Hillier) (1994)
3) Probably A Robbery (Extended Mix By Daniel Miller & Rico Conning) (1990)
4) Brixton (Sabres Of Paradise Mix By Andrew Weatherall, Jagz Kooner & Gary Burns) (1995)
5) Deadly (Album Version By Renegade Soundwave & Tim Davies) (1990)
6) Kray Twins (Dragon Bass Sound System Mix By Renegade Soundwave, Karl Bonnie & Paul Kendall) (1987)
7) Positive I.D. (Book Of Isaiah Mix By Gary Asquith & Julian Briottet) (1995)
8) Cocaine Sex (Sub-Aqua Overdrive) (Remix By Renegade Soundwave, Karl Bonnie, Paul Kendall & Rico Conning) (Original Version) (1987)
9) Biting My Nails (Bassnumb Chapter) (Remix By Renegade Soundwave & Flood) (1990)

1987: Cocaine Sex EP: 8
1987: Kray Twins EP: 6
1990: Biting My Nails EP: 9
1990: Probably A Robbery EP: 3
1990: RSW In Dub: 5
1994: Howyoudoin?: 2
1994: Renegade Soundwave EP: 1
1995: Brixton EP: 4
1995: Positive Dub Mixes EP: 7

I'm Checking Out Her Rhythms (48:23) (Box) (Mega)


  1. This is the stuff Khayem, wonderful selection. The Sabres remix is epic as you say, quite a dark one but such a superb track.

    1. Many thanks, Adam. Brixton is one of my favourite Sabres mixes, it has to be said. A testament to how great RSW were that I didn't include any versions from either Soundclash or The Next Chapter Of Dub, both classics in their own right.

  2. Thanks! Great selections from RSW.

    1. Thanks, bluereu. I was fortunate to see RSW live and they were just as good on stage as in the studio. Plenty of quality music to come back to for future selections, for sure.