Monday, 28 November 2022

Out Of The Orbury

Hello, Orbury Common! It's only been eleven weeks since I wrote that I "will be posting about them separately sometime soon" when reviewing their excellent opening set for Katy J Pearson at the Trinity in Bristol on 8th September.
I can't top their Bandcamp bio, so here it is:
"Orbury Common is more than Bristol and Stroud-based musicians Josh Day-Jones and Emlyn Bainbridge. It’s a place rooted in their collective imagination, a warped parallel to our own world, with its own strange cultures, customs, landscapes and landmarks."  
Their most recent release was the 10-track EP, The Traditional Dance Of Orbury Common, in April. The description can arguably be applied to any of their half-dozen releases since 2018:
“It’s a bleary stumble through the nightlife of Orbury Common and aims to draw parallels between ancient rituals and raves, between holy temples and the dancefloor. It explores the primitive and visceral impulse to dance, and imagines scenes of communal frenzy, flailing limbs and vague humanoid shapes partaking in warped, beat-driven worship in the dark.”

I hadn't read this until after I'd seen their live set but yes, that all makes sense. Orbury Common's music is one that has echoes of familiarity yet is very much their own. I hurried over to Bandcamp after the gig and bought their digital back catalogue and I'm looking forward to hearing - and hopefully seeing - what comes next.

Today's selection is a 10-track, 30-minute romp over the Common. A short trip, but be careful not to lose yourself along the way.

1) Club Bucolica (2022)
2) Eloptic Shroud (2020)
3) Geoddessia (Big Sweets Remix) (2020)
4) Devil Gurning (ft. Mermaid Chunky) (2022)
5) Night Owl Drama (2022)
6) The Crooked Bayleaf (ft. Tenchpress) (2022)
7) New Moon Nudes (Single Version) (2019)
8) Playing With Friends (2022)
9) Two Beats Per Annum (2022)
10) Orbs From Up Top (2020)

2019: Building The Goddess Temple EP: 7
2020: Building The Goddess Temple (Remix Edition) EP: 3
2020: A May Stone Wrapped In Wool EP: 2, 10
2022: The Traditional Dance Of Orbury Common EP: 1, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9

Out Of The Orbury (30:54) (Box) (Mega)

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