Friday, 27 May 2022

Every Day It Feels So, Feels So, Feels So Real

A slight change of plan today, as my intended post has now been shifted to Sunday - all will become clear. Instead, I'm having another dip into my 2022 music purchases to bring you a selection of ten tunes, spanning the globe and all with a nod and a wink towards the dancefloor. The BPMs are relatively low on many, but they're damned persistent and infectiously groovy.

Starting off with the wonderfully titled Chuggernaut from Nottingham producers and DJs Disco Rogues aka Nick Kipsy and Dave Holland, followed by Pan In The Flash from Leeds-based Cosmikuro aka Jamie Minto, a highlight from the excellent Paisley Dark Records compilation Shelter Me. All for a good cause, as is the Support Ukraine Compilation on the Toy Tonics label, which I featured recently and represented here by I Think I See by South London duo Athlete Whippet aka Aviram Barath and Robin Braum.
Confidence Man's album Tilt continues to be the gift that keeps on giving since it came out in April, whilst John Tejada puts a new spin on an old rave classic to great effect. Humanoid was a solo vehicle for Brian Dougans, one half of The Future Sound Of London, Amorphous Androgynous and a million other aliases.
Another legend, Hubert Blanc-Francard of Cassius and La Funk Mob and more recently film composer fame, appears here as Boom Bass with a wonderful remix of Glatson by Nathalie Duchene
Things close out in a dub-inflected style with one of Raf Rundell's four reworkings of songs from Mattiel's Georgia Gothic album, imbuing the music and vocals with a spaciousness and depth that provides a perfect way to wrap up the hour.
Happy weekend, everyone. More - but very different - fun tomorrow!
1) Chuggernaut: Disco Rogues
2) Pan In The Flash: Cosmikuro
3) 'The Mayor Of Malt Rave St' (Pete's Give Them Shelter Remix): Pete Bones
4) Luvin U Is Easy: Confidence Man
5) Didgital (Original): Omri Smadar
6) sT8818r (John Tejada Remix): Humanoid
7) I Think I See: Athlete Whippet
8) Glatson (Boom Bass Remix By Hubert Blanc-Francard): Nathalie Duchene
9) Island Avenue: Zillas On Acid
10) Cultural Criminal (Raf Rundell's Salty Man Dub): Mattiel


  1. Confidence Man are either on this week's Jools Holland or it might have been last week...

    1. I knew it wasn't last week's as I fast forwarded a lot as it was mostly Liam Gallagher :-)

      An eye catching performance from Confidence Man this week, but the live vocals (particularly Janet Planet's) were quite low in the mix and generally not as great as I've heard them elsewhere.