Wednesday, 1 February 2023

Knots In Our Laces

I first heard Architecture In Helsinki around 2007. My initial impression was crap name, good music. Other artists that I was discovering around that time included Vampire Weekend, Metronomy, The Very Best and Passion Pit and Architecture In Helsinki were a bit of a melange of the sounds of their peers. 

I'm using the past tense as their last album was in 2014 and they appear to have been completely inactive since 2018. I've only sporadically listened to Architecture In Helsinki in the last couple of years, but a response to Alyson at What's It All About? for "February" song suggestions for her enjoyable series prompted my dusting off their songs with a Dubhed selection in mind.
It turned out that I ended up with a 2-part selection, 8 songs per side, a bit long for a decent vinyl compilation (unless you're K-Tel or Ronco, of course) but go with me.

The selection pulls together album tracks, singles and B-sides, remixes, radio performances and a cover of The Beach Boys.

Happy 1st February. I hope yours isn't too heavy.

Side One
1) Scissor Paper Rock (2003)
2) Sooner Than Soon (I Never Want To Go Home Version) (2002)
3) Frenchy, I'm Faking (Album Version) (2005)
4) Like A Call (Jeremy Dower Mix) (2006)
5) Adrenaline (Heart it Races) (DJ Rupture Mix) (Extended Version ft. Mr Lee G) (2007)
6) City Calm Down (2003)
7) To And Fro (2003)
8) Pet Sounds (Cover of The Beach Boys) (2006)

Side Two
1) One Heavy February 2008 (New Version) (2008)
2) Contact High (Album Version) (2011)
3) The Owls Go (Live On Triple J Radio Show) (2003)
4) Tiny Paintings (Album Version) (2005)
5) Do The Whirlwind (Hot Chip Remix) (2005)
6) Born To Convince You (2014)
7) Heart It Races (Album Version) (2007)
8) Cemetary (New Buffalo Mix) (2006)

Side One (27:30) (Box) (Mega)
Side Two (27:11) (Box) (Mega)

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