Sunday 24 September 2023

La Roux Sans Voix

Some La Roux for you today, in another post inspired by my participation in #SynthPopSeptember over at the House of Musk.

I don't own any of the three albums to date: La Roux (2009), Trouble In Paradise (2014) and Supervision (2020). However, I do have a lot of singles, remixes and, which had kind of passed me by, a large number of instrumental versions from the first two albums.
I'm largely ambivalent about instrumental versions. So often they feel like a lazy way of supplying a B-side or, more cynically, a way of getting an airing on Sky Sports or some car advert. 

Often, the removal of the vocals reveals more of the music within and become just as enjoyable as the full-throated version. Surprisingly, this was the case when I started pulling together this La Roux selection. Elly Jackson's voice may be an acquired taste for some - I like it - but the 1980s-inspired music that underpins the songs is much more rich and layered than I'd expected.

I've limited today's selection to eight songs and a smidge over half an hour, with a focus on Trouble In Paradise which I'm less familiar with and the inclusion of a trio of hits from La Roux's eponymous debut.
It sounds like the soundtrack to an imaginary film circa 1986, possibly starring Steve Guttenberg and Lori Singer, with a romance, some slapstick and probably a life-or-death moment at the top of a very tall building or a bridge. Likely straight to video in the UK, too. Well, I can dream.
1) In For The Kill (2009)
2) The Feeling (2014)
3) Uptight Downtown (2014)
4) Quicksand (2009)
5) Kiss And Not Tell (2014)
6) Let Me Down Gently (2014)
7) Bulletproof (2009)
8) Paradise Is You (2014)

La Roux Sans Voix (33:38) (KF) (Mega)


  1. I'm not sure I like this new direction by Danny La Rue. The songs are all fine but you can't sing along with them like 'Mother Kelly's Doorstep'.

    1. Fair point, Ernie, but it's a distinct improvement on the Gabba Techno rework of the entire To Mother With Love album in the 1990s. I 'La Rue' the day I bought that one...

    2. I'm not even going to pretend that I know what that means.

    3. Probably for the best, Ernie... Wishing you a smooth journey and enjoyable few days in Zagreb!