Tuesday 20 February 2024

Tribilin Mind

On Monday 5th February, I posted the first of three StinkyJim-related purchases - a remix of Very by Strange Flesh - from the previous Bandcamp Friday's shopping haul, promising to come back to the other two in due course.
On Tuesday 6th February, in another of those synchronous blog moments, Walter over at a few good things in my life enthused about the second of these, Tribilin Sound's Love Lights, focusing on the original version rather than StinkyJim's dubbed up remix. And of course, Walter was spot on in describing it as a "downtempo balearic gem".
This led me to looking for more music by Tribilin Sound aka Alvaro Isla, a Portugeuse DJ and producer residing in California. I'm understating things massively by saying this guy is prolific.
Love Lights came out in January, the same month that Alvaro released an 11-track album, Nazca, which doesn't feature Love Lights at all but is packed with similar grooves and moves. 

Not content with that, this month saw the release of the 16-track Peru Bass compilation, which features three Tribilin Sound contributions. 
Both of these came hot on the heels of another 11-track Tribilin Sound album, Afronights, which dropped at the end of December and... well, I think you get the point.
Alvaro is also an in-demand remixer, a couple of examples from 2023 being Riddims by Lukrø and Sunpanther by M.Age.Project.

... and, coming full circle, the album that introduced me to Tribilin Sound in the first place, last July's Social Awareness: The Remixes by StinkyJim.

I've uncovered a ton of Tribilin Sound releases and remixes going back a decade, so there's lots to investigate with no sign that Alvaro is slowing down with the release schedule. Awe inspiring.

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