Friday, 15 October 2021

Feeling Better

After a week of feeling crappy, l'm almost human again, so a song by Sugar from their epic EP/mini-album Beaster seems just the thing for a Friday. I was lucky enough to see Bob Mould & co. play live on their Copper Blue tour on 16th December 1992 in Bristol. Unusually, they played at Lakota, better known as a nightclub. Details are hazy but I think due to various closures and refurbs, there may have been a lack of the usual indie/rock music venues in Bristol at the time. 
Again, memories of the gig are a bit vague, despite the fact that I was probably the designated driver on the night. It would have leaned heavily on the Copper Blue album, though I'm pretty sure that a couple of songs from Beaster were previewed, ahead of its release the following April. No recollection if this particular song was included, but it is a belter. I can feel the cobwebs clearing already...



  1. My first year of teaching was 1992 and I said to the kids that the future of music was The Smashing Pumpkins and Sugar...I think i was proved wrong on both counts. However I would still put Copper Blue in my top 20 of all time favourite albums.

  2. I liked Copper Blue, though I think it was my girlfriend at the time who really wanted to go. Beaster was the one that really got me. Is it an EP? Is it a mini-album? I didn't know much about Bob Mould at that point, though I'd heard of Hüsker Dü. My Art teacher gave me a CD of Candy Apple Grey and that was it. The power of positive education, eh?

  3. Glad you’re on the mend
    Beaster is an ear bleeder.
    Sugar at the Barrowlands was probably the loudest concert I’ve been too.
    Picked up a couple of Bob Mould sole CDs on my recent travels

    1. Thanks, CC. Yes, Bob Mould's post-Hüsker Dü/Sugar activities have been interesting, not least his solo albums.