Tuesday, 26 October 2021

We Get In Our Van And We Just Drive Up To Frisco

Time for some sorely neglected (by me) selections by The Go-Betweens. The songs of Robert Forster and Grant McLennan are constantly with me but some get more airtime than others, often for completely random reasons rather than any comment on the quality of the songs themselves. He Lives My Live is a brilliant song but according to my Apple Music playlist, the "Live In London" version has been played way more than the studio original that appeared on 2000's 'comeback' album The Friends Of Rachel Worth.

1990 posthumous compilation 1978-1990 was my first proper introduction to and touchstone for The Go-Betweens for many years. I really didn't like Don't Call Me Gone to begin with, but repeated listens and an appreciation for McLennan's lyrics won me over. Who could dislike a song with verses like this?

We read our mama's letters
So we packed and took the bus home
Found her crying softly by the headstone of his grave
Took her hand and then we lead her like a little girl
To the door then followed her inside

Today's post title comes from the last track, the closing comment from Robert Forster to Deirdre O'Donoghue in the interview following their rousing performance of Apology Accepted for KCRW-FM, broadcast out of Santa Monica in California. The lure of their 1987 & 1988 sets for Snap compiled as a bonus CD to yet another 'best of' compilation was enough for me to fork out, even though I already had all of the tracks on the main CD. It was worth every penny, not just for the performances themselves but the between song banter and Deirdre's sheer joy at what she's listening to. I can get behind that.

I've named this selection Dusty In Here, as a nod to the fact that I haven't listened to these songs for several years and a cheeky wink at the The Go-Betweens song that names it, but didn't make it onto the final playlist.

Side One (16:46)
1) Ride (1981)
2) The Ghost And The Black Hat (1986)
3) The Statue (2005)
4) Emperor's Courtesan (1983)
5) He Lives My Life (Album Version) (2000)
Side Two (18:04)
1) Love Goes On! (Acoustic Demo) (1988)
2) Don't Call Me Gone (1987)
3) A Bad Debt Follows You (Album Version) (1983)
4) Something For Myself (2003)
5) Apology Accepted (Live On Snap with Deirdre O'Donoghue @ KCRW-FM, Santa Monica, California, 11 September 1987)
1981: Send Me A Lullaby: A1
1983: Before Hollywood: B3
1986: Liberty Belle And The Black Diamond Express: A2 
1987: Right Here (limited edition 2x 7"): B2 
1996: 16 Lovers Lane Acoustic Demos (French promo CD): B1
1999: Bellavista Terrace: The Best Of The Go-Betweens / Live On Snap With Deirdre O'Donoghue (limited edition 2x CD): B5
2000: The Friends Of Rachel Worth: A5
2002: Spring Hill Fair (Expanded Edition): A4 
2003: Bright Yellow Bright Orange: B4
2005: Oceans Apart: A3

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