Saturday, 10 June 2023

Still Crazee After All These Years...

...or, Slade Saturday, if you haven't already twigged from the picture.
For years, I've barely had half a dozen Slade songs in my collections, including a few of the obvious ones and of course that Xmas single. However, it was Miles Out To Sea (from 1974's Old New Borrowed And Blue) popping up again recently on a random shuffle that prompted me to finally have a crash course in Slade's music. This has come via the 4CD behemoth The Slade Box, an 84-track journey from 1969 to 1991. Which, ironically, doesn't include Miles Out To Sea...

I've only had a brief run through during my daily commute to work this week but bloody hell, it's good and admittedly much better than I was perhaps expecting. And it's loud, in a very satisfying way. I was only really familiar with their 1970s glam material so it's been a pleasant surprise to see how Slade navigated the punk years, took a detour into Van Halen territory in the 1980s and somehow found a new popularity (albeit briefly) at the start of the 1990s.

Today's selection is a C90-friendly trawl through a baker's dozen of Slade songs. I've narrowed the focus to 1970-1985, with roughly half the songs from their imperial period of 1973-1974. It's very much a 'first impression' compilation as I've only heard the majority of songs for the first time this week, but it works for me.

This will be played loud at Casa K...well, at least until Mrs. and Lady K tell me to turn that racket down and go do something useful.
1) Don't Tame A Hurricane (1983)
2) Cum On Feel The Noize (1973)
3) One Way Hotel (1970)
4) Miles Out To Sea (1974)
5) Ruby Red (1981)
6) Little Sheila (1985)
7) Kill 'Em At The Hot Club Tonite (1973)
8) Far Far Away (1974)
9) How Does It Feel? (1974)
10) It's Alright Buy Me (1978)
11) Night Starvation (1981)
12) Burning In The Heat Of Love (1977)
13) When The Lights Are Out (1974)

1970: Play It Loud: 3
1973: Cum On Feel The Noize EP / Sladest: 2
1973: Skweeze Me, Pleeze Me EP: 7
1974: Old New Borrowed And Blue: 4, 13
1974: Slade In Flame: 8, 9
1977: Burning In The Heat Of Love: 12
1978: Rock 'N' Roll Bolero EP: 10
1981: Till Deaf Do Us Part: 5
1981: We'll Bring The House Down: 11
1983: My Oh My EP: 1
1985: Rogues Gallery : 6

Still Crazee After All These Years... (45:45) (Box) (Mega)


  1. I saw them at Glasgow Apollo during their later heavier stage

  2. I found 'The Slade Box' in a charity shop in Chipping Sodbury and consider it be my best charity shop CD find ever!

    1. Wow, coming out of any charity shop in Chipping Sodbury with a decent music purchase is no mean feat, Mike, but I think you struck the motherlode there!