Sunday, 1 August 2021

Can't You See That I Am Not Afraid?

You can blame Patrick Swayze for this one. I somehow found myself watching his 1989 'classic' film Road House - one of those nights where there's naff all on TV and you're too tired to watch anything too taxing. I won't dwell on the film - it's truly awful - though I managed an inward chuckle when I saw that the director's first name was Rowdy. Very apt.
Unsurprisingly, The Doors' Roadhouse Blues makes an appearance, albeit performed by the movie's bar band, in reality The Jeff Healey Band. Jeff also has a few lines with Swayze in the film, proving that he's also a great... guitar player.

Rather than going for the obvious and posting The Doors' original version of Roadhouse Blues, I've gone a bit Marmite and shovelled up a pile of 21st century remixes, which I guess you'll either love or hate. I'm in the former camp. Given the choice, I'd rather listen to this than the original motion picture soundtrack of Road House, even if it is currently going for 85p on Discogs...
1) Break On Through (Infected Mushroom Swing Remix) (2007)
2) People Are Strange (Reggae Version By Andy Rehfeldt) (2017) 
3) Riders On The Storm (N.O.W. Mix By Nightmares On Wax aka George Evelyn) (2000)
4) Hello I Love You (Adam Freeland Club Mix) (2006)
5) Strange Days (Thievery Corporation Remix) (2006)
6) Peace Frog (Andy Caracas Funk Re-Edit) (2016)
7) Roadhouse Blues (Mindelight Remix) (2007)
8) You're Lost Little Girl (Go Home Productions Remix By Mark Vidler) (2005)
9) Touch Me (The Reflex Re√ision) (2017)
10) The End (Riva Starr ReTrip) (2009)

And if that's not enough to make you choke on your Corn Flakes... 


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