Saturday, 31 July 2021

The Dub Is Coming

It feels like most of the sunny, bright warm days this summer have been confined to the working week, when I'm stuck indoors and too busy to enjoy it. In an attempt to blow away the bad vibes of another grey, soggy Saturday, with the sun struggling to shine through, here's an imaginary two sides of Dub Syndicate. Let's face it, when you add Lee 'Scratch' Perry, Congo Ashanti Roy, Bim Sherman, Fats Comet and Doctor Pablo, with Adrian Sherwood on the mix, you cannot go wrong. Pops and crackles on some songs from the original 10" vinyl, but I'm (fairly) sure I've avoided any jumps and skips...
Side One
1) What Happened? (10" Mix): Dub Syndicate (1993)
2) Night Train (Album Version): Lee 'Scratch' Perry & Dub Syndicate (1987)
3) The Show Is Coming: Dub Syndicate ft. Fats Comet (1985)
4) Keep You Dancing (10" Version): Dub Syndicate ft. Bim Sherman (1983)

Side Two
5) Fight The Power: Dub Syndicate (1991)
6) Jungle (Wall Of China) (Version): Lee 'Scratch' Perry & Dub Syndicate (1987)
7) Japanese Record (Remix): Dub Syndicate (1996)
8) 2001 Love (Part 2): Dub Syndicate (1993)
9) Mafia (D.J. Scruff Remix) (Cover of Lloyd Parks/Black Expression Band): Dub Syndicate ft. Bim Sherman (1996)
10) Pressurized: Doctor Pablo & The Dub Syndicate (1984)
An extensive Dub Syndicate back catalogue is available on Bandcamp. Ambience In Dub 1982-1985, which collects the first four albums plus a bonus disc of previously unreleased dubs, is highly recommended. Stoned Immaculate and Echomania are also essential albums but, really, you need them all in your life.

Sadly, on 9th October 2014, Lincoln "Style" Scott was found dead after shots were heard at his house in Manchester, Jamaica. A tragic, senseless loss.


  1. Looks like a deep dubby trip Khayem.

  2. It did the trick, Adam, the sun came out not long after.