Friday, 28 January 2022

Heavenly Weatherall

I returned late from work to find this pair of beauties dropped through my letter box: the Heavenly Remixes collection, volumes 1-4 on CD, 41 tracks in all for a bargain price. 
Volumes 1&2 provide a brief history of Heavenly remixes 1990-2020, from Moonflowers' Get Higher/Get Dubber to Graham Massey's remix of Working Men's Club.

Volumes 3&4 follows pretty much the same timeline, subtitled Andrew Weatherall Volume 1&2, featuring 16 of The Guv'nor's finest, from Heavenly's very first release The World According To Sly & Lovechild  through to 2019's remix of Devils Angels by Unloved (aka David Holmes and friends.
Each volume is also available as double vinyl set; great value but at nearly £100 for the lot, a little out of my reach. Several of the tracks are available for the first time in each respective format, so a tempting offer whichever format you prefer.

I've not had a chance to fully absorb each set or upload the fresh digital versions, so today's selection is a sampler from both, using (in some cases inferior quality) versions that I already own. Needless to say, the parent collections will be dominating this weekend's playlist.
1) Finally (Time & Space Machine Re-Edit By Richard Norris) (Cover of Ce Ce Peniston): Cherry Ghost (2010)
2) Gandhi (Andy Weatherall Remix II): Le Corps Mince De Françoise (2010)
3) Los Americanos (Mother Mix): Espiritu (1993)
4) Out The Window (Andrew Weatherall Remix): Confidence Man (2018)
5) Filthy (Monkey Mafia Vocal Mix By Jon Carter): Saint Etienne ft. Q-Tee (1996)
6) Compulsion (Andrew Weatherall Remix): Doves (2008)

Buy Heavenly Remixes volumes 1-4 on Bandcamp


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    1. No need to say really that Weatherall is perfect for any day of the week, but it was a real treat hearing some of the others for the first time in a while. The Richard Norris re-edit of Finally is superb.