Saturday, 24 September 2022

Hell For Leather On A Helter Skelter

Sometimes, only a poptastic playlist will do. Over 500 posts in and I'm surprised that this is the first appearance on this blog for a-ha, The Lover Speaks, Kool & The Gang, The Kane Gang, Split Enz and ABC (unless you count the latter's appearance in a mash-up mix by Go Home Productions last year).
I have a large sub-folder of music, which was my go-to when Lady K was very young. Very loosely labelled "Pop", it is better described as upbeat, uptempo songs without any sweary bits, although I came a cropper when this one popped up in the car. Fortunately, Mrs. K wasn't present and the F-word wasn't firmly embedded in Lady K's vocabulary from there on.
I'm a little bit more relaxed about the playlist these days, although you still won't find me playing either "Part 4" of this song by Alexei Sayle from the 12" vinyl or the current single by Julian Cope when Clan K are within earshot.
No parental advisory for this selection, 11 tunes for a (hopefully) sunny September Saturday, wherever you are.
1) Take On Me (Extended Version By Alan Tarney): a-ha (1985)
2) Every Lover's Sign (7" Remix By Andy Wallace & Bruce Forest): The Lover Speaks (1986)
3) Think Twice (Edit): Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band ft. Christine Sandtorv (2003)
4) Take It To The Top (Album Version By Eumir Deodato): Kool & The Gang (1980)
5) Funky Kingston: Toots & The Maytals (1973)
6) Beat The Clock (Short Version By Giorgio Moroder): Sparks (1979)
7) Six Months In A Leaky Boat (Album Version): Split Enz (1982)
8) Respect Yourself (R & B Mix) (Cover of The Staple Singers): The Kane Gang (1984)
9) Mystify (Album Version): INXS (1987)
10) I Want You To Know (Album Version): Charlotte Hatherley (2007)
11) Viva Love (Album Version): ABC (2016)


  1. I make in car CDs for my son, now 9, to introduce him to the widest possible selection of music before he becomes a teenager and shuns anything I try to pass his way. Currently up to CD 132, so this has been going on a while. But I do find myself regularly having to re-record CDs when I stumble across hitherto forgotten swears in the middle of otherwise fine pop songs. I've even taken to editing out the offending words if I can't find a decent radio edit online. The lengths we go to...

    1. That's a level of parental dedication I can only aspire to, Rol. Despite my best efforts, there was a sticky period a few years ago where Lady K had an obsession with Queen's greatest hits (not mine, I must add) and didn't want to listen to anything else.

      Similarly, Feel It Still by Portugal. The Man went through a year of repeated plays, often in a single car journey, and has a seemingly unassailable lead at the top of my Apple Music 'most played' list, even though I've been unable to listen to it for the last couple of years...

      These days, I'd say that my musical offerings are met either with tolerance or indifference.

    2. I wouldn't mind Queen's Greatest Hits, but... there's a singer called Portugal???

    3. I won't confess to being much of a Queen fan to begin with, but starting every car journey with Bicycle Race and then hearing the same 20 Queen songs in constant rotation every day for the best part of two years had an effect, Rol!

      Confusingly (and I don't just mean the awkwardly placed punctuation), Porugal. The Man are a US band. Feel It Still was released in 2017 and is built around a clever sample of Please Mr. Postman by the Marvelettes. Again, I love the song, but on a continuous loop, sandwiched by the aforementioned Queen's Greatest Hits? A bit much after a while.

      Here's a link to the rather fine video