Monday, 26 September 2022

Monday’s Lindstrøm Song(s)

Hans-Peter Lindstrøm hails from Norway and has been releasing music for nearly 20 years. I first heard Lindstrøm and fellow Norwegian Thomas Moen Hermansen aka Prins Thomas via their epic remix of Tito's Way by The Juan MacLean in 2005 and I've been hooked ever since.
Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas also released their debut self-titled album in 2005, with Lindstrøm's first solo album, Where You Go I Go Too, emerging in 2008, the title track stretching to an absorbing 29 minutes. In addition to several more albums both solo and with Prins Thomas, Lindstrøm has been a prolific collaborator. Real Life Is No Cool, Lindstrøm's 2009 album with Isabelle Sandoo aka Christabelle is another personal favourite. Other albums and 12" singles have been released in partnership with Todd Rundgren and Emil Nikolaisen, Rune Lindbæk and Todd Terje.

Today's selection features a snapshot of Lindstrøm's work, with one exception between 2005 and 2013. In my early days of owning an iPod with a 4GB capacity, I used to make edits of long songs just to fit more music onto my playlist. So, to open, here's my chopped down version of Tito's Way, cutting the original 11-minute Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas remix to about half the length, Nancy Whang's vocals still front and centre.
There are a couple of tracks from Lindstrøm & Christabelle's album, plus a couple more Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas remixes, first up DJ Harvey's Locussolus project, followed by a contemporary rework of Roxy Music's Avalon to close proceedings. 
I've also included Lindstrøm's remix of Blue Velvet, Lana Del Rey's version of the classic song originally recorded by Tony Bennett in 1951 and taken to #1 by Bobby Vinton in 1963. Completing the selection are a couple of solo Lindstrøm songs form opposite ends of the timeline, the original version of I Feel Space from 2005 together with Chris Massey's brilliant remix of Blinded By The LEDs from 2021. The latter is still available as a free download on Bandcamp, grab it while you can.
Lindstrøm has just completed a trio of DJ sets in the USA and - fingers crossed - will be back with new music imminently. In the meantime, this is just the antidote to the Monday morning drag of getting up in the dark and forcing a reluctant body and mind to get moving when all it wants to do is crawl back into bed. The cat will now doubt be bemused/horrified when I come to life and proceed to bounce around the kitchen.
1) Tito's Way (Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas Remix - Khayem's 'Lapta' Re-Edit): The Juan MacLean (2009)
2) Baby Can't Stop (Album Version): Lindstrøm & Christabelle (2009)
3) I Feel Space (Original Version): Lindstrøm (2005)
4) High & Low: Lindstrøm & Christabelle (2009)
5) Blue Velvet (Lindstrøm Remix) (Cover of Tony Bennett): Lana Del Rey (2013)
6) I Want It (Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas Remix): Locussolus (2011)
7) Blinded By The LEDs (Massey's Club Mix): Lindstrøm (2021)
8) Avalon (Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas Version): Roxy Music (2010)

2005: I Feel Space EP: 3
2009: Real Life Is No Cool: 2, 4
2009: Tito's Way EP (bootleg MP3): 1
2010: Remixes (Blue) EP: 8
2011: Locussolus: 6
2013: Blue Velvet EP: 5
2021: Blinded By The LEDs EP: 7


  1. I've had some massive Scandi- disco phases over the last decade and Lindstrom's stuff is always at the forefront of that.

    1. Scandi-disco, now there's a thought for a future selection! Thanks, Adam

  2. Lindstrøm & Prins Thpmas always worth a look (okay, a listen) appreciate the dl option! cheers, anwe

    1. You can't wrong with Lindstrøm &/or Prins Thomas, in my opinion.

      I've switched over to Box for the foreseeable future, anwe, I hope that improves your listening experience!