Friday, 31 March 2023

Good Times Come To Me Now

Here's Haysi Fantayzee to bring the weekend in with a bang. 
Confession time: today's post was supposed to be a Julian Cope selection, which I started last night but didn't finish, intending to complete and upload it this morning. My plan didn't allow for slightly oversleeping. Whilst this won't be disasterous for Clan K's usually frantic bustle and out (starting approx. 7.00am GMT), it did mean that I haven't had time to complete my planned post, which will instead appear tomorrow. 

Unlike other, far more organised and professional music blogs, I rarely have posts drafted and ready to go in advance and pretty much never have backup/emergency posts prepared for this very scenario.

So, possibly ranking as #1 in my list of most-hastily cobbled together posts for this blog, I bring you the rather wonderful Kate Garner and Jeremy Healy, who went on to do even greater things creatively speaking but stoked this pre-teen's interest in the early 1980s.

Shiny Shiny was their 'other' Top 20 UK hit, reaching #16 in January 1983. By 31st March, it had dropped to #66 during it's 11th and final week in the chart, but what a ride.

808 State later sampled the intro and Andrew Weatherall was inspired to adopt the name of one of their B-sides, The Sabres Of Paradise.

As well as the official video, I've found a clip of them performing the 12" version on TV. Fun, fun, fun.

Back to the Arch Drude tomorrow.



  1. Fine stuff. You should lie in more often.

    1. PS That isn't an implied criticism of your normal excellent content, by the way

    2. I see what you did there, Ernie, nice save!