Tuesday 28 March 2023

I Shed A Tear For Sapiens Who Are Already Replaced

Killing Joke released a new single, Full Spectrum Dominance, a couple of weeks ago to coincide with their gig at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

It's a characteristic wall of noise with flexible lyrics that can be easily applied to the current Tory government and it's abhorrent efforts to subjugate and disenfranchise the dissenting masses.

Killing Joke may not be everyone's cup of tea but personally I'm very happy that they're still around and sticking it to "The Man" after five decades.

The other side of my brain is also satisfied by the Pure Trance Youth Dub Remix of Full Spectrum Dominance, the presumably contractually-obliged reworking by bassist Youth aka Martin Glover. Again, nothing groundbreaking but it ticks all the boxes.



  1. Unmistakeably Killing Joke! I never got further than the first album (which I loved) but, like you, very glad they're still around and, as you say, sticking it to the man. A friend of ours went to that RHA gig and said they were excellent - also incredibly loud (no surprise there, then) - I think he can still hear them...

    1. Thanks, C. Unsurprisingly, I jumped on board in the mid-1980s with Love Like Blood and the Night Time album and whilst I've dipped in and out, I still only have a potted knowledge of Killing Joke's catalogue. I love the first album too. Their similarly self-titled 'comeback' album from 2003 is also great - there was a definite shift to 'incredibly loud' from this point on! I've also enjoyed their sidesteps into dub, which has been there right from the start. I can imagine that they'd be a memorable experience live in concert...