Thursday 23 March 2023

When Will They Kill Us All?

I've not really been keeping track of The Chemical Brothers' comings and goings these past few years, so it was a genuine delight when I stumbled across new single No Reason. It's apparently been a staple of their live shows for the past year and was formally released last Friday. 
A tune that manages to be both nostalgic in its use of funky bass and 'woo!' sample yet firmly in the now, with a simple, to-the-point vocal refrain
We have no reason to live 
We have no reason at all 
We have no reason to live 
When will they kill us all?
No Reason is also complemented by a simple yet effective video. It's supposed to be a marching band but I couldn't help being reminded of these guys from Doctor Who. 
No sign of any remixes just yet, but an album is forthcoming, incredibly The Chemical Brothers' tenth. Even more incredibly, their debut Exit Plant Dust was released in 1995. Twenty. Eight. Years. Ago. 

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