Friday 8 December 2023

Bone Idol

Peter Bonavota aka Pete Bones has been shakin' it for the past three decades but it's only in the last three years that I've really become aware of his music and remixes as Pete Bones or The Shaker. Another one of those 'better late than never' discoveries.

Expelled from school at age 15, Pete's subsequent CV has mapped out an interesting and varied vocation: DJ, label boss, KISS100fm resident and with hundreds of releases and remixes under his belt (which Discogs only scratches the surface with).

Pete's music has been been a regular on my monthly shopping list of late and this month was no exception. Splintered Bones Vol 1, a collection of Pete's "own edits of some of [his] fav classic tracks" that he's been playing out over the summer, was released on 1st December and it's a cracker.
Delve a little deeper and you'll find that many of Pete's previous releases feature remixes or re-edits of Talking Heads tunes and if that isn't incentive enough, then his own music across several albums is top notch too. But don't take my word for it, check it out yourself.
To set the weekend up nicely, here's a 10-track Dubhed selection that spans the last few years and gives a broad sense of where Pete's at right now. My clubbing days may be some way behind me and I have to agree that "Silent Disco Sucks" but this is a whole new definition of "House Music"...
1) Disko Drohne (Pete Bones Remix): Matt Gunn (2022)
2) Wild Moose Chase (Bedford Falls Players Remix): Pete Bones (2021)
3) Silent Disco Sucks (Al Mackenzie Remix): Pete Bones & The Stones Of Convention (2022)
4) Happy House (Pete Bones Rework): The Juan Maclean (2023)
5) Shoestring Budget (Super FU Remix): Pete Bones (2021)
6) The Mayor Of Malt Rave St (Tici Taci Remix By Duncan Gray): Pete Bones (2021)
7) Undertow (Pete Bones Remix): Warpaint (2019)
8) Gravitational Arch Of 10 (Pete Bones Rework): Vapour Space (2023)
9) Lady On A Grey Day (Justin Robertson Remix): Pete Bones & The Stones Of Convention (2022)
10) Skin Tight (Pete Bones Remix): D:Ream (2023)
2019: Crow's Nest: 7 
2021: Wild Moose Chase Remixed: 2, 5, 6
2022: Disko Drohne Remix: 1 
2022: Hyena Hopscotch Remixes: 3, 9
2023: Broken Hearts & Messed Up Minds: The Remix Album: 10
2023: Splintered Bones Vol 1: 4, 8

Bone Idol (1:09:16) (KF) (Mega)

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