Saturday 9 December 2023

Let Loving Start

It's Thompson Twins ten track twelve inch time!

Slimmed down from what was at one point a seven-piece band, the trio of Tom Bailey, Alannah Currie and Joe Leeway enjoyed huge success between 1983 and 1985. I like the earlier incarnation too, but I've my focus on this particular period, lifting versions from the 12" singles, apart from opener Hold Me Now which is the extended album version.

There are a couple of later additions as well. Nothing In Common was on the soundtrack to the 1986 film of the same name, starring Tom Hanks and Jackie Gleeson. "It's a comedy. And a drama. Just like life." runs the tag line. It also stars Tom Hanks, which is generally a reason for me to skip a film.

In The Name Of Love was originally a single in 1982 by the expanded Thompson Twins line up and therefore out of the running. However, Shep Pettibone remixed the single for a greatest hits compilation in 1988 so I've snuck the extended version onto this selection.

Something I learned today when writing this post: Alannah Currie formed her first band the Unfuckables whilst living in a South London squat in the late 1970s. Around this time, she first met Jimmy Cauty (The Orb, The KLF, more recently Local Psycho & The Hurdy-Gurdy Orchestra). Life took them both in quite different directions, but they've been married since 2011 and have a "hive of mischief" a few tube stops from the South London squat. 
I like the circular nature of life sometimes.
1) Hold Me Now (Album Version) (1984)
2) Love On Your Side (Rap Boy Rap) (12" Extended Version) (1983)
3) We Are Detective (More Clues) (12" Version) (1983)
4) Doctor! Doctor! (Extended Version) (1984)
5) Desert Dancers (Remix of Breakaway) (1985)
6) Watching (You Watching Me) (12" Version) (1983)
7) Nothing In Common (Club Mix) (1986)
8) In The Name Of Love '88 (Extended Remix) (1988)
9) Dancersaurus (Even Large Reptiles Have Emotional Problems) (1983)
10) Lay Your Hands On Me (12" Remix) (1985)

1983: Love On Your Side EP: 2
1983: Watching (You Watching Me) EP: 6, 9
1983: We Are Detective EP: 3
1984: Doctor! Doctor! EP: 4
1984: Into The Gap: 1
1985: Here's To Future Days (ltd LP + 12"): 5
1985: Lay Your Hands On Me EP: 10
1986: Nothing In Common EP (US promo 12"): 7
1988: In The Name Of Love '88 EP: 8

Let Loving Start (1:03:21) (KF) (Mega)


  1. I once interviewed a couple of Thompson Twins for a local fanzine, but it was in their early days when there were about seven of them. I don't think the ones I spoke to made the cut when they trimmed back to three.

    1. I do like the first couple of albums with the larger line-up and more indie aesthetic. Adrian Mahon posted a really good Imaginary Compilation Album for The Vinyl Villain back in July, focusing on that pre-mega stardom incarnation.