Thursday 7 December 2023

Three x3 x3 x3

Somehow, I'm not quite sure how, Dubhed is three years old today. Not something I imagined writing when I first started this blog in 2020. 
A piffling amount of time if you visit any of the blogs linked to this site and see what dedication and long-term commitment really looks like, but it's without a doubt the most sustained period of activity for any 'creative venture' that I've ever been wholly responsible for. 

Will it change your life? No, of course not. But it has helped mine in some subtle and more obvious ways. Especially since moving to the discipline of a daily post, it's given me a structured mindfulness activity that's been more of a help with my mental health that I can fully appreciate, both as a preventative and a curative exercise.

The best bit though, and the inspiration for doing it in the first place, is the lovely blogging community that I discovered and have since felt a part of, a reminder when you are surrounded by news and stories to the contrary that there are many, many wonderful human beings out there. And we all share a passion for music. Not necessarily the same music all of the time, but an appreciation and respect for the sheer love of it regardless.

It's not just about the music, though, this sense of community. Whenever I can, I try to make some time on a Saturday morning to drop by at My Top Ten to join in with Rol's excellent - and teasingly, pleasingly difficult - Saturday Snapshots quiz. Every month in 2023, John's Are We There Yet? blog has hosted a gallery of themed photos, which I started contributing to (albeit generally always just under the deadline wire - sorry, John!) and enjoy a lot. SWC at No Badger Required has run regular countdowns, based on votes from a musical jury and I'm privileged to have been a member on quite a few of these. And it all started for me with guest contributions to The Vinyl Villain, specifically JC's epic and ongoing An Imaginary Compilation album series, which has pretty much been the template for the Dubhed selections that have regularly featured here. 
That's just scratching the surface: there are so many fantastic music blogs out there, all saying something different, all opening up my mind (and ears) to new experiences and not just music, of course. Every single one of the blogs in the "Other Head Music" roll call on your right (in web view, that is) are a continual inspiration.
I recently commented that Swiss Adam's Bagging Area "has always been more than a blog for music lovers, it’s a lesson in humanity." It's a humbling experience reading other people's raw and vulnerable thoughts and expressions - painful and inspiring often at the same time - and it's wonderful to see how people rally round, offer support and encouragement and just care.

Thank you all, you know who you are. Whether you have visited once or lots of times, left plenty of comments or none at all, have downloaded a Dubhed selection or had a glance through and moved on, thank you.
Anyhoo, before you start to wonder if you've stumbled on a Grammy award acceptance speech by accident, let's have some music.

If I've got my numbers right, today is my 970th post and my 654th Dubhed selection (if you count individual sides of a mixtape, which I am). No wonder my back up drive is looking full...!

I thought I'd struggle to find enough songs in my collection with 'three' in the title. No such trouble, as it happens, to the extent that I've left out some really obvious ones (apologies, De La Soul) and mix it up a little.

So, the name of this mix. Three multiplied by three three times is 81 so this selection is of course 81 minutes long (or as near as dammit). Each song contains 3 or three in the title. There are 20 tracks in total, which as you'll know is...not divisible by three. Well, you can overwork a theme sometimes, can't you?
Today's cover art is photo of Lagos - Resistance, Lagos Roads, a 1992 work by Otobong Nkanga, born in Nigeria, based in Belgium and whose exhibition was viewed and enjoyed by Clan K in Spain a few weeks ago. And yes, there's the 'three' theme again.

If you made it to the end of this post, an extra thank you. Rest assured, a return to the usual nonsense tomorrow.
1) 3 a.m. Eternal (Rankin' Club Version By Moody Boys & The Mad Professor): The KLF (1991)
2) Yeah x 3 (X-Press 2 Remix): David Holmes ft. Raven Violet (2023)
3) Three Card Trick: The Clash (1985)
4) #3 (In The Corn Belt) (Album Version By Arthur Russell): Dinosaur L (1981)
4.1) The Three Sneezes (Original Story by Roger Duvoisin) (Part 1): Martin Wallace (2006)
5) Three (Album Version By Massive Attack & Nellee Hooper): Massive Attack ft. Nicolette (1994)
6) Three MC's And One DJ (Album Version By Beastie Boys & Mario Caldato Jr.): Beastie Boys (1998)
7) Three Minute Hero: The Selecter (1980)
8) Three And Nine: Roxy Music (1974)
9) The Three Sisters: The Cure (1994)
9.1) The Three Sneezes (Original Story by Roger Duvoisin) (Part 2): Martin Wallace (2006)
10) 3 Gypsies In A Restaurant: Billy MacKenzie (1996)
11) Three Monkey Tango: Marc Almond (2006)
12) Spit Three Times (Album Version By Kieran Hebden): Neneh Cherry (2014)
13) Jltf 3 (Ambient): Moby ft. Melody Zimmer (2009)
14) 3 Of Us (4 Your Club Mix By Steve Thompson & Michael Barbiero): Humpe Humpe (1985)
15) Three Wishes: Let It Come Down (Kramer & Xan Tyler) (2020)
16) The Three Shadows Pt.1: Bauhaus (1982)
16.1The Three Sneezes (Original Story by Roger Duvoisin) (Part 3): Martin Wallace (2006)
17) We Three Kings Of Orient Aren't: Jamie Wednesday (1986)
18) Three Girl Rhumba (Cover of Wire): Bark Psychosis (1996)
19) 3 a.m. Eternal (Almighty Radio Edit): People Of 'K' ft. Crystal (2014)
20) The Three Sneezes (Original Story by Roger Duvoisin) (Part 4): Martin Wallace (2006)

Three x3 x3 x3 (1:20:59) (KF) (Mega)


  1. Three cheers for Khayem!
    Keep on keeping on.

    1. Thank you CC. Mrs K frequently observes that I "keep on keeping on", but it's usually in the context of my ranting at politicians spouting BS on TV!

  2. Birthday congrats and many happy returns, K.

    "...a structured mindfulness activity that's been more of a help with my mental health that I can fully appreciate, both as a preventative and a curative exercise." That's a better definition of what blogging has become for me than anything I've managed to cobble together myself.

    1. Thanks, Rol, that's very kind but in no way reflects your wonderful writing, which I can only aspire to.

  3. Three is the magic number. Many happy returns.

  4. Congratulations! A great topic and mix to celebrate this milestone. Hoping for many more, as I thoroughly enjoy your writing and the music you share. I appreciate your passion and attention to details. Wishing you all the best.

    1. Thanks, Mooz, and likewise. It's great fun discovering your mixes and wondering what's coming next.

  5. What a lovely post to celebrate your third blog birthday, and many happy Dubhed returns!
    Your words "...a reminder when you are surrounded by news and stories to the contrary that there are many, many wonderful human beings out there." are so appropriate to how I feel about the blogging community too.

    1. Thanks, C, it's the comments as much as the posts that make it for me and really make the community a tangible thing, even though the majority of us haven't met. And it's through those links that I've discovered yet more wonderful blogs and people, Sun Dried Sparrows being one of them. Thank you!

  6. Brilliant blog! ..and three and nine in here - one of my favourite Roxy songs!!

    1. Thanks, Mike! Another welcome and unexpected bonus of blogging was finding out we were nearly neighbours and getting to a handful of gigs to date. Looking forward to more in 2024!

  7. Great stuff Khayem, happy 3rd blog birthday. Thanks for the kind words too. I think the community that exists is the best thing about blogging and shows that that the internet can be a force for good and that people are essentially good too.

    1. Thanks, Adam, I think that brilliantly sums up why we do what we do.

  8. Congratulations, it is always a pleasure and often a surprise

    1. Many thanks, middle aged man, in all honesty I do so many of these posts on the fly that I just as often surprise myself!