Saturday 15 June 2024

I Broke The Bolt

Happy birthday, Rolo McGinty... or belated happy birthday, as I'm not 100% sure if it falls on the 14th or 15th June. Call myself a fan?!
Well...yes, I do, not least because earlier this year, Rolo gifted the world with a brand new album by The Woodentops, Fruits Of The Deep. Head off to Bandcamp to buy it straight away and later, you can read what I thought of it back in April.
To celebrate in slightly different style, I'm not posting a selection of The Woodentops' many indie classics from the 1980s, as you might reasonably have expected seeing as one of them popped up in yesterday's Indie Top 20 post.
Instead, I'm focusing on Rolo's beat-heavy excursions, taking in The Woodentops from 1990s and the past couple of years, and squeezing in several tracks from his other projects Pluto and Dogs Deluxe, the latter with Rob Miller. There’s also a collaboration with Andres Y Xavi and a remix for Dubversive, featuring Boy George, who also celebrated his birthday yesterday.
Several of the featured tracks have been gifted via Rolo's WebArchive page and remain otherwise unreleased.
I've chopped, sequenced, faded and edited tracks together to deliver an hour-long selection that will have you up, down, up, down...then staying down. Consider it your weekend workout!
Love and respect to Mr. McGinty, I hope the sun shines and all is fine. Have a good one, Rolo.
1) Dream On (Rolo Dub): The Woodentops (2024)
2) Stay Out Of The Light (Midi Mix): The Woodentops (1991)
3) Because Of You (Dub): The Woodentops *
4) Tainted World (Kid Batchelor Rub): The Woodentops vs. Bang The Party (1991)
5) Chainsaw: Ambient Mic **
6) Indian Runner: Pluto (1995)
7) Ambient Filth: Bad Apples ***
8) What Do You See In Me (Max Essa Dub): Andres Y Xavi ft. Rolo McGinty (2022)
9) Smokin' (Original Version): The Woodentops *
10) Police And Thieves (Dog's Deluxe Mix) (Cover of Junior Murvin): Dubversive ft. Boy George (1998)
11) Ride A Cloud (Xavi's Campfire Mix): The Woodentops ft. Kyoko Sato (2023)
12) Ride A Cloud (Rolo's Dub): The Woodentops (2024) 
1991: Stay Out Of The Light EP: 2 
1991: Tainted World EP: 4
1995: Rising: 6
1998: Police And Thieves EP: 10
2022: What Do You See In Me EP: 8
2023: Ride A Cloud EP: 11
2024: Dream On EP: 1 
2024: Ride A Cloud (Rolo's Dub) EP: 12

* Because Of You eventually turned up on The Woodentops' 2014 album Granular Tales. This dub and a vocal version date (I think) from the 1990s. The same goes for Smokin’.
** One of three "Experiments with video game play sounds" available online, date unknown. 
*** "A bunch of songs written with Richard Thomas and Konrad Kinard", which Rolo recorded with Richard in Somerset. Date unknown, poss. late 1990s/early 2000s.
I Broke The Bolt (1:00:13) (KF) (Mega)


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    1. I see what you did there, Ernie.

      This is why you consistently crack the Saturday Snapshots conundrum over at Rol's blog whilst I...usually arrive way too late.

  2. Great selection Khayem- and happy birthday Rolo

    1. More Fruits Of The Deep, you might say! If I was out by one day, then it means Rolo and Boy George both share a birthday with Eliza. How cool is that?!