Sunday 28 May 2023

Love Comes In

I can't think of anything better for a beautifully sunny weekend than A Man Called Adam

After a number of teasers and singles in the past few months, their latest album, The Girl With A Hole In Her Heart, was fully released on Friday (26th) and it's a beauty. I've only given it a few listens so far and I'll come here back later with some words but suffice to say it's wonderful from start to finish. 

As it's a bank holiday in the UK and the Monday blues won't kick in until Tuesday, I've pulled together a selection that includes a couple of snippets from The Girl With A Hole In Her Heart and goes back 34 years to a couple of their earliest singles. Perhaps inevitably, Barefoot In The Head, Estelle and Easter Song make an appearance though hopefully a few unexpected deeper cuts and remixes too.

Last year, Swiss Adam managed to curate a brilliant Bagging Area AMCA mix that came in just at just over 30 minutes. No such luck here, I'm afraid: of a shortlist that ran to nearly two and a half hours, I just about managed to whittle it down to 15 songs and 90 minutes; even then, I've had to leave out some tracks that I really wanted to include.

Find a nice spot with a cool drink, stick on your shades and your headphones and bathe in the music.
1) All My Favourite People (Stay With Me) (12" Vocal Mix) (1999)
2) Techno Powers (Remix Of 'Earthly Powers') (1989)
3) Stars Festoon (A Man Called Adam Remix): B.J. Smith (2015)
4) Frankie's Theme (2023)
5) Estelle (1998)
6) Musica De Amor (1989)
7) Mountains And Waterfalls (Felipé Gordon The Moody Remix) (2019)
8) Everytime (A Man Called Adam's Balearic Remix Dub): Lustral (1999)
9) I Want To Know (7") (1991)
10) Superman (Sebasstian Edit) (2021)
11) Barefoot In The Head (Return To Pacha Mix By Terry Farley & Pete Heller) (1990)
12) Over The Border (Album Version) (2023)
13) Easter Song (North Star Dub) (1999)
14) Alegría (A Man Called Adam's Magical Mix): Cirque Du Soleil (2003)
15) Automatic Sexomatic (1998)
Love Comes In (1:28:59) (Box) (Mega)


  1. Good stuff Khayem, thanks for the name check. Looking forward to spending some time with the new album.

    1. Thanks, Adam. In between your AMCA and Hypnotone mixes, I got another couple of listens in. I'm really enjoying the new album. Lots of jazzy influences, nods to early electronica/synth-pop (shades of early 80s Blancmange and John Foxx) and their own back catalogue, yet bang up-to-date. Really synchronises with the new Everything But The Girl album though both very much their own thing. Love it.

  2. I'll be all over this. Thanks, K.

  3. Another excellent tape. I ordered the new album and waiting for it to come. The songs I listened so far shows that some fantastic is on the way.

    1. Thanks, Walter. Most of my purchases these days are digital only (a subscription to Last Night From Glasgow being a notable exception) but I think the AMCA album will sound brilliant on vinyl. You will not be disappointed.