Tuesday, 30 May 2023

Molten Creative Energy

Ushering in the summer are James Alexander Bright and Flying Mojito Bros, aka Ben Chetwood and Jack Sellen, with a beauty of a collaboration titled Mirage In The Mojave.

A 7-track album of new tracks and handpicked "Refritos" of songs from James' back catalogue, it's 40 minutes of aural sunshine from start to finish. 
Let's Get Lost, as previewed above, is a new song whilst Gold originally appeared on James' debut album Headroom in 2020. 
The album version (and video) of Gold is also a delight.

And here's James and band performing Gold in the basement of the Abbey Road Institute (pre-lockdown, I presume).
Flying Mojito Bros describe the meeting of minds brilliantly
"James entered El Mondo FMB burning up through our atmosphere like a white-light-bright ball of molten creative energy. Shades on, we looked up and awaited his inevitable impact. Smiling."
James also collaborated with Groove Armada on their 2020 album Edge Of The Horizon and has teamed up again with Tom Findlay. Slow Dance was released as a single in 2021 and a full length Bright & Findlay album, Everything Is Slow, due out on 9th June.
Mirage In The Mojave is available along with James' full catalogue in all the usual places, including Bandcamp. Whilst there, you can also check out the Flying Mojito Bros' "Refritos" of other classic rock artists, the most recent being Down On The Farm by Little Feat.

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