Monday 4 March 2024

Meier And Higher

A very happy birthday to Dieter Meier, born 4th March 1945. 
Unless you've spent the best part of five decades in suspended animation, then you'll be aware of Dieter as the unmistakable voice of Yello
Rather than go down the obvious route of sharing The Race, Bostich, Oh Yeah and the like, here's a selection of 21st Century music by other artists, guest starring Dieter.

I Want You Back: X-Press 2 (2002)
Gimme: Headman (2009)
Burn This City Down: Anna Rossinelli (2013)
Magic (Anarchy Version): Dubinator (2021)

Dieter released a couple of singles in 1978 before joining Yello, with his debut solo album, Out Of Chaos, eventually emerging in 2014. For today's selection, I've chosen the single, Buffoon.

And, as I can't get away without posting any Yello videos, here's one of my favourites from eighth album Zebra. Incredibly, both Zebra and the single How How will be thirty years old in the autumn.

Have a great day, Dieter!

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