Saturday 2 March 2024

Don't Sing

After the runaway success* of my Senza Voce post back in September 2022, it's only taken 532 days for me to produce a sequel. Yep, as the title suggests, today's selection is 45 minutes of instrumental versions of songs you might not have been familiar with in the first place.

Shorn of the distraction of vocal workouts from the likes of Russell Mael, Billy MacKenzie, Boy George, Jim Kerr and Liam Gallagher, the songs are allowed to breathe and find their own space in the listener's consciousness. 
Well, that or the record label needed to pad out a single release and what better than karaoke versions. I mean, I don't know about you but there's nothing better I enjoy of an evening than standing in front of a mirror, hairbrush in hand, belting out Thompson Twins' greatest hits, pretending I'm Tom Bailey.


Just me, then.
1) The Rhythm Thief (Instrumental): Sparks (2002)
2) Only One In Your Love (Instrumental Remix): Botany 5 (1991)
3) Breakfast Alone (Instrumental Version): Associates (1985)
4) Komputer Pop (Inst.): Komputer (1998)
5) (Long) Beach Culture (Instrumental): Thompson Twins (1982)
6) Jungleland (Instrumental): Simple Minds (1986)
7) Shine A Light (Instrumental): Beady Eye (2013)
8) Il Adore (Instrumental): Boy George (1995)
1982: Lies EP: 5
1984: Breakfast EP: 3 
1986: Ghostdancing EP: 6
1991: Only One In Your Love EP: 2 
1995: Il Adore EP: 8
1998: Terminus EP: 4
2004: Lil' Beethoven (Deluxe Edition): 1
2013: BE Instrumentals (bootleg): 7
Don't Sing (45:49) (KF) (Mega
You can find Senza Voce here

* Well, Charity Chic and Middle Aged Man seemed to like it, anyway.

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