Sunday, 12 September 2021

A Shower Of Sparks

I love Sparks with a passion, so here's a little selection for your Sunday listening pleasure, dedicated to my friend Claire.
Side One (16:00)
1) Good Morning (from Exotic Creatures Of The Deep) (2008)
2) I Predict (Album Version) (from Angst In My Pants) (1982)
3) This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us (Live @ The Simon Mayo Show, BBC Radio One) (from When I Kiss You (I Hear Charlie Parker Playing) EP) (1994)
4) Here In Heaven (from Kimono My House) (1974)
5) Suburban Homeboy (from Lil' Beethoven) (2002)
Side Two (17:32)
1) Over The Summer (from Introducing Sparks) (1977)
2) Everybody's Stupid (from Big Beat) (1976)
3) When Do I Get To Sing 'My Way' (Sparks Radio Edit) (from When Do I Get To Sing 'My Way' EP) (1994)
4) Edith Piaf (Said It Better Than Me) (Live @ Front Row, BBC2 TV) (2017)
5) Please Don't Fuck Up My World (from A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip) (2020)
And this is the Radio 4 documentary, presented by Stuart Maconie, which inspired today's post title: