Tuesday, 14 September 2021

(More) Bad Attitude

Side 2 of a mixtape, originally recorded 13th February 2002, featuring Big Audio Dynamite. Although the cassette sleeve is sub-titled "1985-1989", the truth is that I dipped out after V. Thirteen and missed third album Tighten Up Vol. '88 and it's accompanying singles altogether. The same was true of follow up album Megatop Phoenix, though I did buy the 12" of Contact, which I loved, and the Australian 12" of James Brown whilst in - you guessed it - Australia. I'm not sure why I seem to have temporarily fallen out of love with Big Audio Dynamite as, in retrospect, the 1988-89 songs are great. It was probably down to a limited budget for buying new music, considering I spent two years working and saving to travel, so any spare money was going on gigs, substances, clothes, running a car and my then-new obsession with Pixies. 

Betraying my limited B.A.D. vinyl - I only had the first album and an assortment of singles, with No. 10, Upping St. on a badly dubbed cassette, so unusable for my own mixtape - the original featured Medicine Show twice, album version on Side 1, 12" version on Side 2. For this update, I've swapped out the latter with Albert Einstein Meets The Human Beatbox, which originally appeared on the Medicine Show limited double pack 12" single and uses the E=MC² backing track. This also freed up space to include the 12" mix of Contact, which was inexplicably missing from the original track listing. Never mind the sequencing, feel the quality.
1) A Party (Dub) (Remix By Paul 'Groucho' Smykle) (Full Length) (1985)
2) James Brown (Remix Edit By Mick Jones & Bill Price) (1989)
3) C'mon Every Beatbox (Beatbox's At Dawn) (Remix By Sam Sever) (1986)
4) Hollywood Boulevard (Dub Mix By Sam Sever) (1986)
5) Contact (12" Mix By Judge Jules & Roy The Roach) (1989)
6) Albert Einstein Meets The Human Beatbox (ft. Sipho & Clement) (1986)
7) Sony (Album Version By Mick Jones) (1985)
8) BAD (12" Version By Mick Jones) (1985)
Find Side One here


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    1. I hadn't planned to leave quite such a gap between sides 1 & 2. Glad it was worth the wait!