Friday, 10 September 2021

Soul With A Hole Vol. 1

2009 mix from Mayer Hawthorne, originally released on CD in the USA. I didn't come across this until 2013, when it was posted on Soundcloud, but it is a cracking (& crackly) mix. As Hawthorne succinctly puts it: "24 soul donuts. All 45s. All mixed from the original vinyl."
I was unfamiliar with most of these on first listen, but they're all stone cold classics and the mixing is spot on. A perfect hour to brighten up your Friday (& the weekend).
1) Music Revolution: Donald Jenkins & The Delighters (1975)
2) I Need You: Otis Leavill (1969)
3) You Don't Want My Love: Erroll Gaye & The Imaginations (1975)
4) Fool Me: Billy Harner (1966)
5) How Can I Pretend: The Continental 4 (1971)
6) My Love For You Is Growing Wild: The Tenth Dymentions (1972)
7) That's What I Get (For Loving You): JJ & G (1972)
8) A Lifetime: The Brothers Of Soul (1970)
9) It Must Be Love: Wes Wells & The Steelers (1970)
10) Don't Be Afraid (Do As I Say): Frankie Karl & The Dreams (1968)
11) Row-Row-Row My Boat: The Four Mints (1971)
12) Be My Lady: The Dynamic Tints (1970)
13) Keep On Walking: Final Decisions (1973)
14) It's Not Fair: Dee Dee Warwick (1968)
15) Don't Walk Away: Carl Carlton (1969)
16) Sho' Nuff: Sly, Slick & Wicked (1973)
17) If I Only Knew Then (What I Know Now):
Jimmy 'Soul' Clark (1968)
18) The Prophet: The Original Breed (1970)
19) I Don't Know No More: The Prime Ministers (1968)
20) All On A Sunny Day: Deon Jackson (1967)
21) As Long As I Know He's Mine: The Marvelettes (1963)
22) Don't Leave Me: The Admirations (1967)
23) What's Wrong With Me Baby: The Toys (1966)
24) Sippin A Cup Of Coffee: The Ordells (1967)
Soul With A Hole Vol. 1 on Discogs - at the time of posting, a copy of the original CD will set you back a cool £24.00 (incl. P&P) in the UK.

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