Monday, 20 September 2021


Jezebell is a collaboration between Darren Bell, London-based DJ, label owner and promoter, and Jesse Fahnestock, Stockholm-based American DJ and producer who is no stranger to this blog, following this year's remixes and debut album (All Of Us) as 10:40.
Jezebell debuted in June this year with their edit of Julian Cope's Safesurfer on Paisley Dark Records, which was featured over at Bagging Area, along with a 10:40 remix of The Beta Band's Inner Meet Me. Both were enough to get me hooked and I've been enjoying everything that's come since. 
Jezebell released a new single on Friday, Concurrence, available on Swedish label When Disco Goes Wrong with three remixes. The original is described as "a thundering, dark slice of Eastern psychedelic dub, powered by a half-speed-but-double-attack breakbeat and a gymnastic vocal sample". To these ears, it's like hearing Sheila Chandra with John Bonham on drums and I can't get enough of it. Label co-founder Mårten Attling provides a brace of remixes in his Mindbender alias, the Acid Dub Remix and the Rave Remake delivering on their promise to great effect. The remix package kicks off with the 10:40 Dabadisco Dub, a persistent groove taking the song around the dancefloor before dropping you back home. Four versions, five Euros, worth every cent - buy the lot now.
Sticking with 10:40, catching up with my Bagging Area reading at the weekend put me onto a new song, Kissed Again, which was released earlier this month on the Higher Love Vol. 1 compilation. It's a wonderful collection and closes out beautifully with this track, described by Swiss Adam as "blissed out glide-by". He's not wrong. 
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  1. The Concurrence single is great isn't it.

    1. I'm loving it - impossible for me to pick a favourite version.