Sunday, 26 September 2021

Just Close Your Eyes Again Until These Things Get Better

Inspired by yesterday's post at The Vinyl Villain, here's a Sunday selection of Roddy Frame and Aztec Camera, refreshing 10 songs I haven't played for a while.

Side One (18:40)
1) In My Life (Cover of The Beatles): Roddy Frame (2002)
2) Western Skies: Roddy Frame (2006)
3) Bigger Brighter Better: Roddy Frame (1998)
4) Set The Killing Free: Aztec Camera (1983)
5) Rainy Season: Aztec Camera (1995)

Side Two (19:18)
1) True Colors (Cover of Cyndi Lauper): Aztec Camera (1990)
2) Song For A Friend: Aztec Camera (1990)
3) Jump (Single Version) (Cover of Van Halen): Aztec Camera (1984)
4) We Could Send Letters (Album Version): Aztec Camera (1983)
5) Forty Days Of Rain: Roddy Frame (2014)

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