Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Scratch The Surface

I was devastated to read that Richard H. Kirk died yesterday (21st September) at the age of 65. His achievements with Cabaret Voltaire alone secure a place in music history, and his prodigious output as a solo artist, aliases including Sandoz, collaborations such as Sweet Exorcist (with Richard Barratt) and many, many remixes kept him at the cutting edge of electronic music. Richard H. Kirk re-established Cabaret Voltaire as a solo venture in the late Noughties with remix albums/EPs for Kora and The Tivoli and, in 2020, released the first Cabs album in 26 years with Shadow Of Fear. A couple of drone albums and an EP followed this year, proof if needed that Richard H. Kirk was creatively in rude health. I can't express how much his music has meant to me and this hastily compiled selection doesn't even begin to scratch the surface.
1) The Arm Of The Lord: Cabaret Voltaire (1985)
2) Diskono (Alternate): Cabaret Voltaire (1982)
3) In Slumber (Richard H. Kirk Mix): Anne Garner (2005)
4) Brain, Whisper, Head, Hate Is Noise (Remix By RHK aka Richard H. Kirk): Buck-Tick (1994)
5) Yashar (John Robie Mix 2): Cabaret Voltaire (1982)
6) Tripping On Your Love (Sweet Exorcist Mix By Richard H. Kirk & Richard Barratt): Bananarama (1991)
7) Shadow Of Funk (Edit): Cabaret Voltaire (2021)
8) Do Right (Album Version): Cabaret Voltaire (1984)
9) Kino 5 (C/V Western Re-Work: 92): Cabaret Voltaire (1992)
10) Geezer (Sweet Exorcist Remix By Richard H. Kirk & Richard Barratt): Ultramarine (1992)
11) Cockpit Country: Sandoz (1998)
12) Baader Meinhof: Cabaret Voltaire (1979)
13) Nag Nag Nag (Single Version): Cabaret Voltaire (1979)



  1. Still in shock tbh. Been doing some mental travelling around for past 2 weeks with patchy WiFi so only really processing now. Very sad news, the Cabs were a fixture on my turntable or cassette player for all of the '80s. Very nice tribute comp though - thanks anwe

    1. It was the Yashar 12" that hooked me, followed by Just Fascination/The Crackdown, Sensoria and the Drinking Gasoline 2x12", although it was a quite a few years later before I got my own copies. I don't think CV worked so well as a solo vehicle, but there's no denying that RHK continued to produce challenging, compelling music right to the end, his recordings as Sandoz being a personal favourite. I have a CV mixtape somewhere, circa 1989/1990, containing many of the 'hits' which I'll have to dig out and recreate here.