Sunday, 5 September 2021


Björk's first album, inevitably titled Debut, remains one of my all-time favourite albums. It's both of the moment and timeless, capturing and resonating with a pivotal time in my life and finding new ways to entrance and motivate me, nearly three decades later. I was a big fan of The Sugarcubes, loved their remix album It's-It, and yet nothing prepared me for the sheer brilliance of Björk unleashed (released?). She would go on to create more and more groundbreaking music, but perhaps never as raw or energised as her debut solo album.


  1. Debut is one of my favourite albums too, indelibly linked to the times but still sounds so good, so fresh and so innovative. Post was good too but after that I've never found anything she's done to match what;'s on that debut solo album.

    1. I think the additional appeal was that not only was it a great album, but it also lent itself to some incredible remixes: Fluke, Justin Robertson, David Morales, Underworld, Mykaell Riley, Masters At Work and of course Andrew Weatherall/Sabres Of Paradise. I've liked something about all of Björk's subsequent albums, but the pairing with Nellee Hooper really produced a magical and unique album.