Monday, 6 September 2021

My Converse Look Like They've Had A Hard Life

There has been so much good music coming out this year and the monthly Bandcamp Friday has seen me splurging on a regular basis. I'm still immersing myself in purchases from the last few months, but here are a dozen gems. Amongst them are a couple of nods to my birthplace (the Slack Alice compilation and James Dyer aka Chez De Milo), a couple of legendary producers delivering the goods (Dennis Bovell & Hugo Nicolson) and artists that I've belatedly discovered this year (SAULT, Rheinzand, Dan Wainwright, Andres Y Xavi). 

1) I Hope You Die A Painful Death: Fever 103° (from Slack Alice: 5th Birthday Compilation)
2) You From London: SAULT ft. Little Simz (from 'NINE')
3) Tres Freak: Gene Kennedy & Matt Prehn (from The Wild Army Vol.5 EP)
4) Strange World (Richard Sen Remix): Rheinzand (from Remix EP 1)
5) Spandau Mechanix: Bad Tracking (from Slack Alice: 5th Birthday Compilation)
6) All I Have Known (Dan Wainwright & Massey Remix): Super FU (from Cocoons EP)
7) Swanky Modes (Dennis Bovell Mix): JARV IS... (from Swanky Modes (Dennis Bovell Mixes) EP)
8) Bushwa (Smagghe & Cross Version By Ivan Smagghe & Rupert Cross): Chez De Milo (from Bushwa EP)
9) Railton Ruckus (Hugo Nicolson Remix): Rude Audio (from Railton Ruckus EP)
10) The Disco Dragger: Wet Signals (from Wet Signals EP)
11) Sparking Plugs (Hardway Bros Sueno Cosmico Remix): Deo'Jorge (from Robotic Souls EP)
12) Walking In The Sun (Coyote Higher Vibration Remix): Andres Y Xavi ft. Rolo McGinty (from Walking In The Sun EP)


  1. Nice pulling together of some recent favs. That Andres Y Xavi album has been on a lot here recently.

    1. Several of these discoveries - Andres Y Xavi, Rude Audio, Rheinzand - are thanks to Bagging Area posts. My bank balance is crying, but my ears are singing. The Slack Alice selections are slightly out of step with the rest, but I couldn't resist the song titles...!