Friday 2 December 2022

I Need To Question All Those Things That Are Good Advice

Here's The Teardrop Explodes, a full set performed on The Old Grey Whistle Test, broadcast on BBC2 on 1st April 1982 (I think).
A last minute replacement as I had a very long day at work, followed by taxi service for Lady K, and what seemed like an entire day navigating through pea soup fog, which seemed to lock my face into a grim parody of a Bill Bailey comic aside from staring intently at the two metres of road visible at any given time. I'll finish off today's intended selection for posting early next week.

I've never seen this performance before and, VHS quality and Julian Cope's occasional on-the-verge-of-breaking vocals aside, it's a fantastic set. And introduced by Annie Nightingale, so what more could you want? 
The YouTube clip doesn't appear to have a set list, so here you go:

1) Colours Fly Away
2) Falling Down Around Me
3) You Disappear From View
4) Seven Views Of Jerusalem
5) Log Cabin
6) Tiny Children
7) Screaming Secrets
8) Suffocate
9) The Culture Bunker

Normal service resumes tomorrow.


  1. 'You disappear from view,
    This day is one of the foggy ones
    I don't know what to do
    (P'raps it's a bit better in Nailsworth?)

    1. It definitely wasn't Mike! I picked a bad day to be working in the Forest of Dean, that was a fun commute, I can tell you. Thankfully, Copey and the boys saved the day.

  2. Wow!! Hadn't seen this before. Don't recall it being broadcast and I was normally really switched on to such things in 1982. This would have been broadcast just a couple of months before I went to see The Teardrop Explodes in support act to Queen!!! Julian was on magnificent audience-baiting form. I was down the front, pissing myself with laughter at the anger he was provoking among the rockers.

    1. That seems like such an odd pairing, even for 1982! I can only imagine the choice phrases Julian was being heckled with. Angry rockers, eh?!