Saturday, 3 December 2022

Think For Yourself And Question Authority

I'm a big fan of Richard Norris and Dave Ball's respective and prolific careers in music, so it's little surprise that I also love their work together as The Grid.

As well as hit singles and albums of their own, The Grid were ubiquitous remixers throughout the 1990s and I'd often buy a single by an artist that I wasn't all that fussed about because there was a remix by The Grid included.

Today's selection therefore focuses on The Grid as remix artists, drawing from 1990 to 1994, including a remix of themselves (featuring Dr. Timothy Leary) and Dave's former band, Soft Cell. Your Loving Arms by Billie Ray Martin initially scraped into the UK Top 40 in November 1994, but triumphantly returned to #6 when re-released in May 1995.
Some personal favourites from Sparks and Brian Eno, a couple of rarer tracks by Stex (featuring Johnny Marr) and Ragged Jack and single remixes of Sophie B. Hawkins and If? that I think improved on the original versions. 
And what better way to end than with World Of Twist? Their album Quality Street was produced by The Grid and deserved so much better than #50 in the UK album chart, as single Sweets (criminally peaked at #58) attests.

1) Still Feel The Rain (The Grid Mix): Stex ft. Johnny Marr (1990)
2) Your Loving Arms (Original Radio Edit By BRM & The Grid): Billie Ray Martin (1994)
3) Origins Of Dance (Electronic Future Mix By The Grid): Dr. Timothy Leary Meets The Grid (1990)
4) When Do I Get To Sing 'My Way' (The Grid's Frank And Nancy Mix): Sparks (1994)
5) Memorabilia '91 (Extended Remix By The Grid): Soft Cell (1991)
6) Saturday's Angels (Elevator Heaven Mix By The Grid): If? (1991)
7) Right Beside You (The Grid 7" Mix): Sophie B. Hawkins (1994)
8) Ali Click (Long Trance Mix By The Grid): Brian Eno (1992)
9) Grid Radical (Twilight Mix By The Grid): Ragged Jack (1992)
10) Sweets (Album Version By The Grid): World Of Twist (1991)

Think For Yourself And Question Authority (55:09) (KF) (Mega)


  1. We're away for the weekend but will have to remember to grab this when we get back. Looks right up my strasse

    1. Thanks, Adam, I hope you enjoyed your weekend away and the playlist on your return. I really enjoyed your Tak Tent Radio and Spiritualized mixes whilst you were away.