Saturday 13 April 2024

Deadstock Holiday

Justin Robertson on the mix today with a 10-track, hour-long selection of tunes spanning 1990 to 2023.
Justin pops up a lot in my 'various artists' selections but this is only the third time he's received a dedicated post and selection. The previous ones focusing on his 21st century output and one side of a cassette compilation covering Lionrock singles and mixes from the 1990s.

This one is all about remixes of other artists over a much more ambitious time span. If it demonstrates nothing else, it's that Justin has continually adapted and evolved over the last three decades and is creating music for himself and others that excites me as much now as it did then. One to crank up loud and open the windows to!

1) Golden Triangle (Justin Robertson Dub): Cagedbaby (2005)
2) Paradise Garage (Justin Robertson Remix): Vincent Inc (2023)
3) Boss Drum (Dub) (Remix By Justin Robertson): The Shamen (1992)
4) Pesos Not Besos (Justin Robertson's Deadstock 33s Remix): Moderna y Theus Mago  (2019)
5) Bumble Rumble (Justin Robertson's Deadstock 33s Remix): Japanese Television (2022)
6) Universal Hymn (Pure Pandephonium) (Remix By Justin Robertson): Boxcar (1993)
7) Feel The Hit (Spice Remix By Justin Robertson): Mad Jacks (1990)
8) The Clichés Are True (Gentleman Thief Mix By Justin Robertson & Roger Lyons): Manchild ft. Kelly Jones (2000)
9) Fractal (Justin Robertson's Deadstock 33s Remix): Heretic & Buran (2017)
10) Skidoo (Müsli Mix By Justin Robertson): Inspiral Carpets (1991) 
Deadstock Holiday (59:38) (KF) (Mega)
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