Monday 15 April 2024

Shopping Bag

After yesterday's hefty reflection on buying music, some actual shopping with Daniel Pemberton via a brisk return to What's In My Bag?
These days, Daniel is a world-renowned composer and songwriter for film and TV, not least the animated Spider-Man trilogy Into The Spider-Verse (2018), Across The Spider-Verse (2023) and Beyond The Spider-Verse (currently in development).
Daniel's selections are unsurprisingly albums and artists that have been a source of inspiration, then and now, and makes for an interesting shopping list:
Accelerator (1992) & Lifeforms (1994)The Future Sound Of London
The Story Of Moondog (1957) & Moondog (1969): Moondog
Ommadawn (1975) & Crises (1983): Mike Oldfield
Oxygene (1976) & Zoolook (1984) & Rendez-vous (1986): Jean Michel-Jarre
Direct (1988): Vangelis
The Isaac Hayes Movement (1970): Isaac Hayes
Bongo Rock (1973): Incredible Bongo Band
Mary, Queen Of Scots OST (1971): John Barry
Oppenheimer OST (2023): Ludwig Göransson
Passion: Music for 'The Last Temptation Of Christ' (1989): Peter Gabriel
The Pavilion Of Dreams (1978): Harold Budd 
As you can see from the stack that Daniel's pulling from, there's a whole bunch of other stuff that the 15-minute show doesn't get to. He's an entertaining and engaging guest and this is one of my favourite episodes seen so far. 
If this puts you on a film composer tip, the Danny Elfman episode is also worth checking out.

In January 2023, I posted about the song Wimborne by MLO and in particular the stunning 25+ minute remix that Daniel provided for the Wimborne Revisited single, marvelling that he was only 16 years old at the time. I have no hesitation in posting the YouTube link again.
When I say 'single', Wimborne Revisited runs to six tracks and nearly 80 minutes of music: two mixes by MLO aka Jon Tye and Peter Smith (which combined just about add up to the same running timeas Daniel's!), plus Spacetime Continuum aka Jonah Sharp, Wagon Christ aka Luke Vibert and Starfungus aka Brian Douglas. You can enjoy the entire Wimborne Revisited EP/album here.


  1. What a brilliant bloke! That's a charming little film. Given me ideas for my next playlist. Cheers, K.


    1. Thanks, John. Apart from the FSOL and Oxygene albums, I don't have any of the other albums in my collection, just odds and sods. Some brilliant picks, introduced with such enthusiasm.

      The Danny Elfman one's also worth a view as it delves into his years with Oingo Boingo, so a lot of great punk/post-punk picks.