Monday 29 April 2024

Just Trying To Do The Best That We Can Do

Fluke have returned.
Jon Fugler and Mike Tournier have reunited to release a new single, Insanely Beautiful, which I presume is a direct lift of the feedback that they received from the first person they played the song to. 
As a huge fan of Fluke throughout the 1990s, weathering the departure of Mike Tournier and the final releases as a duo of Jon Fugler and Mike Bryant in 2003, the prospect of new music from Fluke in the 2020s was an impossible dream.
And yet, here we are. Jon's voice may carry the weight of the passing years and the trademark bubbling beats may be replaced with strident steps. Otherwise, it's like they've never been away. Insanely Beautiful sounds very much in the present day but unmistakably Fluke.

The single's available on Bandcamp as four individual tracks. The original seven-minute monster, cinematic synth sweeps and stadium-sized rhythms, is presented in both vocal and instrumental versions. Leah's Mix by Fluke features Leah Cleaver on sole vocal duties. Finally, Sean Johnston and Duncan Gray deliver a Hardway Bros Meet Monkton Uptown mix that's every bit as good as you might expect from them, slowing down the pace, turning up the bass and creating a nine-minute beat-driven behemoth.
Comeback of the year.  


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